11 月 2016

Mānuka Gift Packs – A Kaumatua Day Favourite


One of the largest Maori health providers in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Te Tohu o Te Ora o Ngati Awa, recently held a special event for the local Kaumatua (Maori elders) offering pampering, fun activities and a shared morning tea and lunch. However, it was the arrival of the Mānuka gift packs which caused the most excitement with the guests.

Nursing student, Jenna Wharewera, is one of 24 students enrolled on the “Bridging to Nursing” course at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi, an important pathway to a career with Te Tohu o Te Ora o Ngati Awa. Breaking into four groups of six, the students offered a range of activities during the Kaumatua Day event.

“Ours was all about pampering our Kaumatua,” said Jenna. “We gave hand and shoulder massages and a gift pack with Melora Mānuka throat lozenges, Mānuka Secrets Mānuka serum, Melora Mānuka oil as well as homemade bath bombs and moisturising creams.”

Over 30 Kaumatua participated in the special event held in their honour with other activities including line dancing and singing as well as songs and face painting for the children. .

But it was the arrival of the Melora and Mānuka Secrets Mānuka products for the gift packs, supplied by New Zealand Mānuka Group, which caused the most excitement, said Jenna. “When we were setting up, people spotted our gift packs and everyone was really excited and asking how they could get them.”

New Zealand Mānuka Group is a loyal and dedicated supporter of our local communities. As Te Tohu o Te Ora o Ngati Awa is an important and valued provider of Social Services and Health Services through the Ministry of Health and District Health Board, we appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful community activity.

Helping to Make the World a Better Place


Speaking at a marketing professionals meeting in Tauranga recently, the enduring message Sharan Caskey left with the guests is Phil’s desire to make the world a better place not only for his children and grandchildren but the wider community too. In a world of businesses driven by profits, guests were impressed to hear from a large organisation driven by integrity and transparency.

“Phil wants to make a real difference and he believes a better way of doing business is through empowering people to create a better life for themselves,” explained Sharan Caskey, Operations Manager, Seaweed and Oils from New Zealand Mānuka Group.

It was a surprising message coming from a major shareholder and director of one of the regions’ largest and fastest growing Mānuka businesses. But it was an important one that hit home with everyone in the room.

Invited to speak at an event organized and run by the Tauranga marketing professionals group, MOPED, Sharan Caskey represented New Zealand Mānuka Group in telling their story of growing a business from the ground up, into the highly successful, award-winning organisation that it is today.

“New Zealand Mānuka Group is built on product, business partners and vertical integration,” explained Caskey. “Phil is the visionary but I’m the workhorse – I set up infrastructure, systems and organize people.”

“The reason we have been able to grow at speed is because, in his mind, Phil sees no barriers and quite often he will just get out and do it himself. People see this and want to be part of his vision too.”

Describing their highly collaborative approach to doing business, one of their founding aspects has been in establishing transparent, 10-year profit sharing contracts with their landowners and beekeepers which see each sharing 35% of the gross profit.

As Caskey explained, “The difference to these people’s lives is absolutely enormous. We had one landowner who had made only $7,000 in a year from a previous beekeeper dropping 600 hives on their land. In our first year working with them, we dropped 400 hives on the land and paid their 35% share which worked out to be $143,000.”

Sharing their stories of the land and their people has been the focus of New Zealand Mānuka Group’s marketing efforts to date. Attendees left the event feeling heartened and inspired that the world can be a better place and our businesses can make a difference.

A Day of Education & Celebration in Mānuka Country


Like many of our family, friends and colleagues around the world we are starting to think about Christmas and the New Year. We decided to mark this important occasion with a special gathering on the East Cape, NZ, where most of our facilities and people are based, taking everyone out to the very remote Maungaroa Station where our biggest Mānuka plantation is located.

This year’s gathering was not only a Christmas celebration but an opportunity for everyone from our Opotiki and Awakeri offices to learn more about our founder Phil Caskey’s vision for Manuka oil, the Manuka plant, its growing conditions and the incredible pioneering spirit behind our Manuka plantation – the first of its kind in the world.

For many, it was the first time visiting Maungaroa Station, a large and impressive property – the remoteness, ruggedness, history and sheer scale was an incredibly inspiring place to visit.

With presentations and talks from Karl Gradon (CEO), Jerome Brosnahan (CFO), Murray Redpath (Plantation Manager) and Sharan Caskey (Operations Manager Seaweeds and Oil) the day was a rich learning experience.

Taking in the atmosphere, being able to see, touch and smell the young Mānuka trees, we all had a new-found appreciation for the tireless work Murray, Bill McClutchie (Plantation Harvest & Development Manager) and the team are doing there.

Q&A sessions kept Wayne Campbell (Technical Manager) and Kath Coopey (Technical Advisor) and Murray on their toes and the afternoon was filled with stimulated conversations on all things Mānuka.

All in all, our staff Christmas gathering was a fantastic event and a great opportunity for us to learn, share and celebrate the company’s success for 2016.

Conference Attendees Loved Mānuka Gift Packs


Attendees at the recent NZ Association of Intermediate and Middle Schooling (AIMS) conference were impressed to receive goodie bags stocked with Melora and Mānuka Secrets Mānuka products. The Welcome gift packs set the scene for a three-day programme featuring an equally impressive range of keynote speakers, tour activities and a gala dinner.

NZ AIMS has a vision to embed “best practice in educating emerging adolescents”. The 2016 conference theme of Together Towards Tomorrow brought together a range of highly talented and experienced keynote speakers who were all asked to inspire, educate, motivate and encourage participants on their educational journey.

As New Zealand Mānuka Group is a loyal and dedicated supporter of our local communities, this was an important and very worthwhile conference for our company to support. We were equally thrilled to hear that the delegates enjoyed their Mānuka products so much.

“I wanted to extend our thanks for your donation of products and assistance with the NZ AIMS conference delegate goodie bags,” wrote conference organizer, Jo Finlay. “The bags played an important part in welcoming our delegates to the Eastern Bay of Plenty and it enabled them to get a taste of all the wonderful things our region has to offer.”

The conference attracted over 150 delegates from all over New Zealand, and even a few representatives from Australia. Held at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi, a high-tech new campus in Whakatane, visitors to the region also took the opportunity to participate in local tours organised including a trip to White Island.

“We conducted a survey to gain insight into some of the economic benefits that this conference brought to our region,” said Jo Finlay. “It’s great to see that events such as this really do bring financial returns to our region.”