8 月 2017

A Great Result for Martinborough Rugby Football Club


As the jersey sponsor of Martinborough Rugby Club’s Senior Premier and Reserve teams, we have been keeping a close eye on their games this season, and are pleased to report the boys have had an absolute blinder!

Martinborough Rugby Football Club is a strong community-based club run by a team of dedicated volunteers. While the club enters their premier team into the Wairarapa Bush rugby competition every year, it has been 24 years since they made the Grand Final, and 26 years since they have won – most of the current players weren’t even born then!

“It’s been a great season,” confirms Rachael Colton, President of Martinborough RFC. “Our Senior Premier team made it to the grand final for the first time in 24 years!”

Considering their shaky start to the season, losing their first four games, the fact they made it to the finals was a huge result not only for the team but for the club and the town as well.

“The supporters have been right behind them the whole season,” explains Rachael. “We’ve got people who have never followed rugby before turning up to games and coming along to the club.

“Making it to the finals was great for the town too. Everyone got behind the team flying green and black everywhere.”

After such a fantastic end to the season, the club and premier team are already talking about next year with pre-season training due to start in January.

Rachael puts the team’s extraordinary result down to their positive attitude even when they weren’t doing so well.

“They are such a good bunch of guys and when they finished last in 2016, they were still so positive and turned up to training as normal. They have worked really hard this year.”

A special congratulations to everyone at Martinborough Rugby Football Club for the wonderful recognition they received at the 2017 Wairarapa-Bush annual awards night, including:

Pat Shannahan Trophy: Mens Premier Player of the Year – Chris Raymond
Lane Penn Trophy: Coach of the Year – James Bruce
David Galvin Trophy,: Senior Administrator of the Year – Rachael Colton

Complete & Sustainable Use of Our Valued Resources


Here at New Zealand Mānuka Group we pay special attention to the way our resources are utilised to minimise waste and maximise sustainability. It is through this approach that our core resources, the Mānuka tree and seaweed collected from our coastlines, are used and valued to their fullest potential.

Based right here in our processing facility and head office, we are lucky enough to have a team of scientists who are dedicated to not only ensuring we bring the highest quality products to our customers. They are also able to help us tap into new opportunities which become available through the bi-product of our processing activities.

Zero Waste is Good for Business

One example of how we take full advantage of our Mānuka plants is seen through the creation of our KōLUSH Garden Mulch products. To produce our powerful MβTK Mānuka oil range, we harvest the tops of our Mānuka trees, extract the oil from the brush and what is left is a Mānuka mulch still rich in nutrients which has been pressed down to a fibrous mix perfect for the garden.

The way we go about producing pharmaceutical grade Agar has given us another incredible resource which is now being added to a number of other products in our business. Agar comes from dried and processed pterocladia (red) seaweed. We collect this seaweed by hand and using tractors along the coastlines where it is washed up by the tide.

The collected seaweed is then brought back to our factory in either Marterson or Opotiki where sorters separate the pterocladia needed for producing Agar. To make full use of this valuable resource, our team of scientists looked into the profile and attributes of the brown and green seaweed bi-catch. They have now identified that these seaweeds also have their own unique combination of nutrients which are very beneficial across a wide range of applications.

As the result of our seaweed collection activities, we now produce KōBEE Bee Nutrition, we have a Mānuka+Seaweed KōLUSH Garden Mulch and we are about to launch our new range of plant & soil nutrition products which will all be branded as KōFERT.

Sustainability Goes Beyond Waste Management

However, we are also constantly reviewing and assessing our activities and potential environmental impact right back to the land. From ensuring our staff carpool where possible, to using technology, to planting and caring for the land; we have the greatest respect for the native resources available to us here in New Zealand and want to ensure we have access to this for generations to come.

KōBEE Launched at Apiculture NZ Conference


New Zealand Seaweeds officially launched its new bee nutrition brand, KōBEE at the recent APINZ Conference held in Rotorua. Attended by beekeepers from all over New Zealand as well as Australia, Philippines, America and the UK, KōBEE drew significant interest from attendees and fellow exhibitors alike.

The annual APINZ Conference is an important event in the beekeeping industry for the wide range of speakers and high-quality exhibition stands. This year’s event was no exception with organisers confirming 1,200 delegates had registered to attend the three-day conference.

NZ Seaweeds’ Business Development Manager, Wayne Roberts, was particularly impressed with the number of enquiries and amount of interest he received for KōBEE. “With Natural Pollen sources dropping around the world its important to put bee nutrition as a top priority. One of the biggest concerns facing beekeepers nationwide is the health of their bees which essentially dictates the strength of the hive – that’s when KōBEE can really make a big difference.”

KōBEE is a mixed seaweed concentrate designed to provide all the essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements for optimum bee and hive health. Used in extensive field trials by beekeepers working with New Zealand Mānuka Group, the feedback and results prove the effectiveness of their unique formulation. “explains Wayne. “We looked at what bees need and what they require from their food and their environment, and have found a seaweed formulation as close to that as possible.”

With over a decade of experience in the seaweed industry, Wayne is passionate about seaweed and the unique qualities of this incredible natural resource. Joining the Business Soapbox Talks at APINZ to give a short presentation on KōBEE, Wayne also shared his wealth of industry knowledge, closing with a very appropriate quote from David Attenborough which was well received.

“There has never been a time in history when the natural environment has been under threat more than it is now and therefore, the need for new ideas and innovation to combat the destruction of nature upon which we all depend for the future has never been greater.”