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Like many of our family, friends and colleagues around the world we are starting to think about Christmas and the New Year. We decided to mark this important occasion with a special gathering on the East Cape, NZ, where most of our facilities and people are based, taking everyone out to the very remote Maungaroa Station where our biggest Mānuka plantation is located.  

This year’s gathering was not only a Christmas celebration but an opportunity for everyone from our Opotiki and Awakeri offices to learn more about our founder Phil Caskey’s vision for Manuka oil, the Manuka plant, its growing conditions and the incredible pioneering spirit behind our Manuka plantation – the first of its kind in the world.

For many, it was the first time visiting Maungaroa Station, a large and impressive property – the remoteness, ruggedness, history and sheer scale was an incredibly inspiring place to visit.

a-day-of-education-celebration-in-manuka-country-1With presentations and talks from Karl Gradon (CEO), Jerome Brosnahan (CFO), Murray Redpath (Plantation Manager) and Sharan Caskey (Operations Manager Seaweeds and Oil) the day was a rich learning experience.

Taking in the atmosphere, being able to see, touch and smell the young Mānuka trees, we all had a new-found appreciation for the tireless work Murray, Bill McClutchie (Plantation Harvest & Development Manager) and the team are doing there.

Q&A sessions kept Wayne Campbell (Technical Manager) and Kath Coopey (Technical Advisor) and Murray on their toes and the afternoon was filled with stimulated conversations on all things Mānuka.

All in all, our staff Christmas gathering was a fantastic event and a great opportunity for us to learn, share and celebrate the company’s success for 2016.