About Us

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Our products bring together a unique blend of cultural heritage and modern technology to deliver a range of natural, Manuka Honey-based products for health and wellbeing.

Kiwi Manuka’s products draw on the knowledge of New Zealand’s Maori people, who have used Manuka in their traditional medicine for centuries, together with the development of modern research and clinical study.

In partnership with landowners, our Manuka Honey is sustainably sourced from vast natural plantations in some of the remotest regions of New Zealand.

The Manuka tree is native to and grows throughout New Zealand. Its natural properties and the finest wild honey made from its nectar have been combined with stringent certification and production standards to produce pure and natural products of the highest quality.

All our Manuka products are ethically and sustainably sourced from a range of lands, many of which are owned by Maori. All our landowners benefit directly from sales of our products.

Our Heritage… Your Health

Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is a native evergreen that grows wild in the most remote, unspoilt corners of our country. Ancient Maori used all parts of the Manuka in traditional medicinal practices passed down from generation to generation.

Our pure Manuka Honey is sourced from natural, pollution-free plantations, managed by the Maori landowner communities who are the guardians of this precious resource. This remarkable honey, with its unique Manuka properties, forms the basis of the Melora product range.

Protected and Nurtured

Manuka grows wild in New Zealand on undeveloped or regenerating land. On farmland, since the earliest days of settlement in New Zealand, it has been regarded as a hindrance to intensive pasture activities. However, indigenous owners have continued to protect and nurture their vast Manuka forests, placing high value on the plant’s special healing properties and the natural integrity of their land.

Beekeeping is a low-impact activity. The collection of our products does not require chemicals, felling of trees or digging of soil. That means the resource is protected and maintained.

A spirit of innovation

The arrival of Europeans to New Zealand late in the 18th century brought new technologies and knowledge. The introduction of the honey bee by settlers in 1839 has led to the development of Manuka Honey’s global medicinal and healing reputation.

Sharing the Resource

Large areas of New Zealand manuka, protected by their remote location and the kaitiakitanga (the principle of guardianship over the natural environment) of the Maori land owners, are once again a source of vitality, wellbeing and health – both for the people who use the products and for the land owners who, through our ethical and sustainable trading partnership agreement, share directly in the benefits of the resource.

Preserving the Environments

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Collected by nature, harvested by our people, our Manuka products are sourced in a sustainable and ethical way.

During the four-week flowering period, nectar is collected naturally from the delicate pink or white Manuka blossoms by foraging honey bees, leaving little impact on the land. At the same time, the native plantations support the purity of New Zealand’s exceptional natural environment.

Hives are placed on well-researched sites, and care is taken in harvesting the honey, using professional beekeeping techniques. Stringent standards for land care, harvesting and manufacturing are monitored to ensure the products presented to you are of the highest possible quality and sustainably produced from plantation to finished product.

Economic benefits are shared with the resource owners, and, through them, they’re supporting communities – who in turn help ensure the future sustainability of the resource.